Global Ski Resort Alpine Hotel Database

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The database of 4145 ski and alpine hotels helps hotel, travel, tourism, retail, research, internet, academic, student and service companies to connect with alpine hotels, across the major international ski resort destinations and countries, or conduct analysis activity.

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The database of 4145 ski and alpine hotels will help hotel, travel, tourism, retail, online, research, service and other companies to analyse, connect, reach and interact with ski resort and alpine hotels, across the world's most popular ski resorts and key alpine locations. This ski resort and alpine hotel database can be used for commercial purposes by startups, growing and also established companies and associations, or non-commercial entities for research or analysis and planning. Data can be sorted, edited and filtered as needed, and used for mail merges or other needs.

This global ski resort alpine hotel database is 100% customisable for your requirements.

The data includes many ski resort and alpine destinations. The data breakdown is:

17.2%712USA 17.0%703Switzerland 3.6%151Spain 0.5%22Slovenia 0.3%11Scotland 7.3%301Italy 1.3%53Germany 19.0%786France 0.4%16Finland 13.0%538Canada 2.6%107Bulgaria 15.2%628Austria 2.2%92Andorra % of DatabaseCountry

The ski and alpine hotel database includes 521 x 2 star hotels, 1961 x 3 star hotels and 1393 x 4 star hotels. Click the document's data breakdown tab for other key statistics, regarding independents, brands and affiliate breakdowns.

The Ski Resort and Alpine Hotel Database Helps:

  • instantly find and discover 4,145 hotels in ski resort and alpine destinations
  • save hundreds of hours of time in identifying and researching alpine hotels
  • shortlist the relevant alpine hotel for commercial or non-commercial reasons
  • prepare and distribute news and content to targeted and relevant hotel sites
  • analyse data by resort, hotel type, star rating, room counts and operation type
  • create news and press release email distributions to targeted, specific hotels
  • email addresses are available for 3095 hotels (the others can be found online)
  • select country or resort destinations for targeted sales and promotion efforts

Inside the Ski Resort and Alpine Hotel Database

  • Hotel Name
  • Type of Operation (Independent, Affiliated, Branded)
  • Hotel Star Rating (2, 3 or 4 stars)
  • Type of Hotel (Lodge, Chalet, Hotel or Resort)
  • Country
  • Ski Resort
  • Hotel Phone
  • Hotel Email
  • Hotel Website
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