Hotel Board Proposal Template


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The Hotel Board Proposal Template is for Hotel Directors and Hotel Managers to use. This ensures a strategic approach for preparing, analysing and deciding on business proposals drafted by Hotel Managers for board consideration.

The Hotel Board Proposal Template is designed as a form, to instant use and can be customised and adapted for your hotels departments, strategies and needs.

Customise the Hotel Board Proposal Template for your specific country, format and specific terms. This template will help to expedite proposal preparation and decision analysis time. Reduce your labour time and expenses by starting with the hotel board proposal template and understand board-level decision criteria prior to draftin.

The Hotel Board Proposal Template Helps:

  • to prepare proposals and take into consideration profit, impacts and inter-related needs
  • guide Hotel Managers and Hotel Directors on the key criteria used for Board decisions
  • quickly expedite decision processes by offering hotel teams this structured framework
  • minimise time lost and wasted on proposals which will have low probability of success

Inside the Hotel Board Proposal Template

  • Proposal Initiator
  • Budget Impacts
  • Department Impact
  • Roles Influenced
  • Time Sensitivity
  • Priority Ratings
  • Brief Description
  • Problem Statement
  • Solution Proposed
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Type (Fixed / Variable)
  • Potential Benefits
  • Potential Impacts
  • Modelling Assumptions
  • Variables Reviewed
  • Proposal Audit Check
  • Quantitative KPIs
  • Qualitative KPIs
  • Contract Requirements
  • Risk Management
  • Proposal Action Steps
  • Budget Reviews
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  • $19.00was $29.00