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The Hotel Business Plan Template is for Hoteliers, Owners, Investors and Hotel Entrepreneurs to use. It provides an outline and structure for drafting a hotel business plan and for owners, it provides a foundation for business plans for sharing with potential lenders and investors.

You might operate your own hotel or manage another owner’s asset. Regardless, every independent, franchised and managed property needs a hotel business plan. Whether in the pre-opening, operating or repositioning phase, using this hotel business plan template provides the roadmap for combining strategy, operations and financial forecasts.

Why use a hotel business plan template?

Well firstly, you’ll likely need equity and/or debt financing. Investors, banks and lenders will request a copy. Secondly, increasing your hotel’s performance requires strategic planning. Use this hotel business plan template to save time and money, and progress towards your goals.

The real value of creating a hotel business plan isn’t in having a finished product. It’s the genuine value of researching, analysing and thinking about the hotel business in a systematic way. You can look at your ideas critically. Writing your hotel business plan doesn’t take long and most importantly, it helps you avoid costly and perhaps disastrous mistakes in future. Be sure to keep notes on your sources of information and financial assumptions analysis.

This hotel business plan template shows how you can write your hotel business plan by answering key questions and following this example document. For the best outcome, aim for a succinct, simple, tangible and realistic plan that’s easy to read. Follow these suggestions to build and finalise this documented plan. Prior to submitting your plan to lenders or directors, we definitely recommend analysing your market, occupancy, rate and financial assumptions, to ensure they can all be truly validated. We’ve included tips and questions in each section. You can edit this document for your use.

More Info

This hotel business plan template can be customised for any required jurisdiction or specific country, format, business model and specific needs. It's a MS Word Document and fully customisable.

The Hotel Business Plan Template Helps…

  • start hotel business planning, whether as an Owner or Investor
  • minimise time on sections, as most planning needs are included
  • expedite the creation of hotel business plans before progressing
  • understand potential costs, capital and operational requirements
  • forecast how hotel revenues / expenses will impact hotel profits
  • understand needs / figures that influence profits for the hotel

Inside the Hotel Business Plan Template

  • Executive Summary
  • Business Overview
  • Entity Structure
  • Owners / Directors
  • Hotel Mission
  • Business Vision
  • Hotel Objectives
  • Industry & Market
  • Demand Drivers
  • Influential Trends
  • Area Breakdown
  • Market Mapping
  • Competitive Set
  • Direct Competitors
  • Indirect Competitors
  • Hotel Review
  • SWOT Analysis
  • PEST Analysis
  • Online Review
  • Concepts & USPs
  • Hotel Products
  • Hotel Services
  • Marketing Plan
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Yield Management
  • Operations Plan
  • Team Structure
  • Front Office
  • Housekeeping
  • Food & Beverage
  • Management Plan
  • Financial Forecast
  • Hotel Metrics
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cashflow Statement
  • Profit & Loss
  • Project Planning
  • Appendix
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