Hotel Lease Agreement Template

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Built for Hoteliers, Owners, Investors and Operators, the Hotel Lease Agreement Template provides a foundation for negotiating, agreeing and drafting the common legal terms of hotel operating leases. Customise the Hotel Lease Agreement Template for your specific needs.

The Hotel Lease Agreement Template is for Hoteliers, Owners, Investors and Operators to use. It provides a foundation for negotiating and agreeing the common legal terms associated with hotel operating leases. This Hotel Lease Agreement Template can be customised for your specific country, format and specific terms. The template can expedite your drafting of hotel lease agreement heads of terms and decrease costs and time on legal formatting.

The Hotel Lease Agreement Template Helps:

  • start hotel lease agreement negotiations, whether as Owner or Hotel Operator
  • minimise time on lease principles, as contemporary terms are already included
  • negotiate critical terms like investment, rental fees and termination clauses
  • expedite the creation of Heads of Terms, before asking lawyers to draft a lease
  • understand potential starting fees (key money), royalty fees and marketing fees
  • forecast how hotel leasing cash flows will impact financial returns for all parties
  • understand figures that influence deal returns for the lease operator and lender
  • choose from 2 or more available hotel leasing or accommodation rental options

Inside the Hotel Lease Agreement Template

  • Listing the Parties and Agreement Particulars
  • Preamble of the Hotel Lease Agreement
  • Initial and Rollover Term, plus Handover Date
  • Investment Contributions or Renovation Funds
  • Initial Rent Free Period during Refurbishments
  • Lease Payment Structure and Percentages
  • Hotel Lease Agreement Security Deposits
  • Operating Insurance and Building Insurances
  • Employment of Existing Hotel Personnel
  • Hotel Branding Specification and Standards
  • Continuation of Existing Room Sale Agreements
  • No Prior Liability pre the Hotel Lease Agreement
  • Type and Structure of Hotel Operating Lease
  • Hotel Accounting Methodology and Reporting
  • Furniture, Fittings and Equipment Reserve Cash
  • Purchase Options in the Hotel Lease Agreement
  • First Right of Refusal on Sale of the Hotel Asset
  • Early Termination of the Hotel Lease Agreement
  • Closing Signature for Hotel Lease Heads of Terms

Using the Hotel Lease Agreement Template

Use this hotel lease agreement template to review common hotel lease terms, prepare for discussions and negotiations, forecast lease cash flows and analyse deals, or use this hotel lease agreement template to prepare for a sales-leaseback agreement of a hotel. Forecast the hotel lease income potential and then structure a hotel lease agreement before selling a hotel leasehold agreement. The hotel lease agreement template assists preparations.

Hotel Owners and Operators can use the Hotel Lease Agreement Template to evaluate a planned or existing hotel lease deal. You can compare contemporary hotel lease agreement terms and their suitability before renewing deals.

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