Hotel Management Contract Template


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The Hotel Management Contract Template is for Hoteliers, Owners and Investors to use. It gives lawyers a base for drafting a hotel management contract and for investors, it provides a basis for understanding, negotiating and agreeing terms in hotel management contracts.

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The Hotel Management Contract Template is for Hoteliers, Owners and Investors to use. It also gives lawyers a starting point for draft hotel management contracts. For hoteliers, it provides a basis for negotiating and agreeing common legal terms associated with hotel management contracts. Use it to draft hotel management contracts.

This hotel management contract template can be customised for any required jurisdiction or specific country, format, business model and specific terms. It provides a foundation for deal negotiations and understanding the critical and often sophisticated legal terms and conditions associated with hotel management contracts and operator deals.

With often lengthy contract durations, the hotel management contract template helps owners achieve a mutually beneficial future with hotel operator partners. Hoteliyo Tutorials share insights on hotel management contracts.

The Hotel Management Contract Template Helps…

  • start hotel management contract negotiations, whether as an Owner or Investor
  • minimise time on legal principles, as most contemporary terms are included
  • expedite the creation of Heads of Terms before legal teams finalise contracts
  • understand potential starting fees (key money), base fees and incentive fees
  • forecast how hotel management contract fees impact hotel financial projections
  • understand figures that influence deal returns for the hotel operator and lenders
  • choose between 2 or more shortlisted hotel management contract service firms

Inside the Hotel Management Contract Template

  • Interpretation
  • Site, Hotel Ownership and Formal Opening
  • Operating Term
  • Hotel Management
  • Management Fees
  • Owner's Profit Distribution
  • Accounting Records
  • Reports and Consultations with Owner
  • Hotel Account
  • General Covenants of the Owner
  • Repairs and Changes
  • Insurance
  • Condemnation
  • Permitted Dispositions
  • Defaults and Termination
  • Trade Name, Promotion and Advertising
  • Force Majeure
  • Confidentiality and Announcements
  • Assignment
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Capacity
  • No Tenancies
  • General
  • Entire Agreement and Severance
  • Further Assurance
  • Amendments
  • Third Party rights
  • Indemnity
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